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Mission, Vision & Beliefs

Mission Statement

The mission of Woodruff High School is to prepare all students to become confident, competent, respectful and responsible individuals by creating a positive, innovative, challenging and nurturing school environment in which families and the community work together to provide opportunities for all students to achieve educational success and to reach their maximum potential in an ever-changing world.

Vision Statement

Our students will be engaged in meaningful experiences to fully develop social, emotional, physical and intellectual talents and abilities during their educational journey and throughout their lives.


·         All students have the right to learn.

·         All students have the right to safety.

·         All students have unique and individual talents.

·         All students have potential.

·         All students deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.

·         All students will learn in an environment of high expectations and support.

·         Teaching is a significant and important profession.

·         The family is a powerful influence on an individual.

·         The power is within any individual to enhance constructive change.

·         Teaching and learning should be accomplished in an atmosphere of collegial cooperation in which all work together to achieve our goals.

·         Teaching and learning should be exciting, challenging, and fulfilling.

·         Education is a life-long process.

Executive Summary