Enrolling Students

WHS Enrollment Process​

The following forms must be completed and submitted to WHS for enrollment:
     -  Enrollment Documentation Checklist for Parents
     -  Student Registration Form
     -  Proof of Residency
     -  District 4 Student Health History card
     -  Handbook form
     -  Home Language Survey 
     -  Parking Lot Procedures
     -  Technology Agreement
     -  Email agreement
Forms are available at Woodruff High School.  

 The following documentation must be presented for enrollment:
  1.  Acceptable Proof of Residency
     - Mortgage receipt showing parent/guardian name and physical address of property
     - Lease/rental agreement showing parent/guardian name and physical address of property
     - If living with someone, the legal resident must provide one of the above and a notarized letter stating           the names of everyone living in the household.  If property is a rental, letter must be from the landlord.

  2.  Birth Certificate and Immunization Certificate

  3.  Proof of Custody (if applicable)

  4.  School Records
     - We will fax your former school for a complete set of records.  If you are bringing records with you,                   they must be in an unopened, sealed envelope from former school.  The student will not be enrolled               until a complete set of records are received, including transcript, discipline, attendance, and test                     scores.

When all documentation is completed, student will be enrolled and receive a schedule, locker, books, and tour of building.  For questions regarding enrollment, please contact the WHS Guidance department at 864-476-7045.